Porter Twin-disc 15.5 in Model

My first acquaintance with a Porter was its sound. Nearly every make or model of instrument has a different voice, and, when I heard this before I saw it, I wondered why I had no idea who the maker might have been. I expected it to be a finely restored model of one of the early makers and was astonished to see a modern instrument (illustrated on the front cover of issue 3 of “Mechanical Music World”). It plays two identical discs each machined to be an exact match. My understanding is that two single discs not so machined may not give the same quality of musical reproduction.

The instrument plays the two discs on a pair of musical movements ganged together. Each comb has 76 teeth. However the comb teeth of one mechanism, although tuned to the same scale, have a slightly different frequency to their counterparts on the other mechanism. For cylinder musical boxes this could be described as sublime harmony.

The mechanical components are made to the very highest quality and the combs are superbly tuned. The musical arrangements are also to a high standard and the Italian-made, marquetry inlaid, casework is also high quality.

From Issue 3 (Winter 2015/16) Of Mechanical Music World. To read this article in full become a member and receive a copy. Full details on “Membership Page”.