My First Key-wind Box

About 30 years ago I managed to buy my first key-wind musical box, a Nicole Freres serial number 36261, factored by Cox Savory, Cornhill, London, in about 1858.

I was giving talks on mechanical music to groups and at one of these a gentleman offered to sell me a musical box. This had never happened before and I became very interested. I went to his house and sitting on a coffee table was a 13-inch cylinder key-wind musical box.

He set it going and it slowly built up speed and started to play. It was obviously missing a large number of cylinder pins but worryingly it was vibrating noisily and moving along the length of the coffee table. I do not advocate my next action and it was probably more a reflex than anything else, but I shoved my finger into the endless fan and stopped any further movement. …………

The owner pointed out that in about 1920 his brother had poked his finger in (as I had done) but something had broken and the damage occurred. He was only about 6 years old at the time but it was etched on his memory. I had a deal on the box on the understanding that I would bring it back for him to see and hear when restored……………..  I was able to take the box back in a refreshed case to its last owner and watch his face when he heard it play properly for the first time in about 70 years.

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