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Hedgehog with Barrel Organ Novelty

The Association was formed for mechanical music enthusiasts to share their interests and expertise.

As the name suggests, our main focus is musical boxes, but our members’ interests include organettes, barrel organs, fairground organs, player pianos, singing birds, even automata which don’t play music at all!

We embrace everything from the simplest musical novelties to the finest quality musical boxes and welcome, on equal terms, the serious collectors, the dabblers and those who are completely new to this interest.

The aims of AMBC are to promote the enjoyment of, and interest in, mechanical music in all its forms. Through social activities, workshops, research and restoration, our members seek to share their collective knowledge and expertise, educating and inspiring those interested in this fascinating hobby.Musical Movement

Members are kept informed through this website and articles in our periodical “Mechanical Music World”. In addition, members are offered AMBC book publications to purchase.

We have experienced members who are able to give advice on repair and restoration of period musical boxes. Also we carry a stock of spare parts for the repair of modern movements by Thorens, Reuge and Guessaz

Do you require any further information?

  • about the Association?
  • help to identify an instrument that you own?
  • what to look for when buying
  • advice on restoration?
  • useful publications?
  • where to obtain spare parts?

Ted or Paul are happy to help.

Ted: 01403 823533      Paul: 01634 252079  

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