The Editors’ Farewell to the Revelstoke Nickelodeon

It was a shock – a great shock – when we finally looked at each other over breakfast and agreed that we should move. When the wagon trains bringing the collection from the UK arrived in Revelstoke, Canada this was to have been its final destinations and yet here we were planning one last move – again.

Ten years have passed since the Revelstoke Nickelodeon came into being.  We have had the joy of introducing thousands of people to the wonderful world of mechanical music and being richly rewarded in return by meeting amazing people …….no two days were ever the same and the memories are fantastic.

Out first coach party of American seniors were booked in….walkers, wheelchairs and sticks everywhere ……the last half hour of their visit they found the juke boxes and they danced. Oh how they danced!

At the other end of the scale there was our first school party……..The teenagers were absolutely absorbed, not just by the music but by the mechanisms…..A lovely, lively enthusiastic group, perfect for our first experience of adolescents en masse.

We shall miss Revelstoke. The friendships we have made, the beauty of the mountains and surrounding area. The ten years have flown past and with the years the mix of joys and sadness and unforgettable people – it has been a great life but here we are, planning one last move and facing whatever life has in store.

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