Happy Birthday AMBC

This week marked the first anniversary of our inaugural meeting in February 2015.

During the course of the year the membership has been steadily growing. We have produced two editions of “Mechanical Music World”, with a third imminent; launched this website; enjoyed four meetings and two outings and published Paul Bellamy’s authoritative book on “The Music Makers of Switzerland”.

In the coming year there will be more meetings, including new venues, more outings and a weekend break. Further publications are currently at the planning stage.

This February meeting consisted of the usual mix of good food, good fellowship and demonstrations of musical items from the ridiculous to the sublime. We began with a gift from a past President of MBSI that had arrived just too late for our Christmas meeting. It was intended as an entry in the “Naffest Novelty” competition  and would have certainly been a front runner. None of us had previously seen a Yodelling Pickle (that’s gherkin in English). It certainly set the mood, though we swiftly moved on to more serious stuff. A full report of the meeting will appear in the Spring 2016 edition of “Mechanical Music World”.