AMBC Christmas Meeting

Christmas came early to AMBC, at the end of November in fact. The meeting was well attended. In spite some of our regulars being unable to join us, there were some new members and visitors making it a full house.

In between the eating, drinking and generally socialising there were some interesting demonstrations, from the sublime to the amusing. The star exhibit was a very fine Lecoultre 3-overture movement in pristine condition. As it was outside its case, which was still awaiting restoration, it could easily be seen by everyone as it played. At the other end of the spectrum were a number of novelty item, the usual singing Santas, snow domes, a madly waving penguin on a biscuit tin and a 10-year- old Christmas card still cheerfully doing its stuff.

One member brought along a varied selection from his large collection of whistlers. These are beautifully carved and have great character, an interesting and unusual field for collectors.

A visitor demonstrated his Serinette (bird organ) for which he had to pin the barrels himself. These instruments were used to teach tunes to canaries. Our host produced something with similar intent but quite different; modern, battery driven and made in China. This novelty has a mother robin teaching the baby bird to whistle “Jingle Bells”.

We have close ties with the British Horological Institute, having presented several talks to their members.  Two of those members joined us for the day and we have been invited to attend and exhibit at their Open Day on April 9th 2016.

A raffle caused a bit of excitement and raised a welcome £114 for our funds. 

A full report of this meeting will be published in the February 2016 edition of “Mechanical Music World”.